Northwest Aerials Ltd specialize in the maintenance, repairs, installations and design of new or existing communal TV distribution systems, working for a number of clients, on a wide range of commercial developments


Northwest Aerials Ltd specialize in the maintenance, repairs, installations and design of new or existing communal TV distribution systems, working for a number of clients, on a wide range of commercial developments across the Northwest.

IRS TV Systems


An integrated reception system (IRS) is a system combined from multiple sources, which consists of Terrestrial TV, Satellite TV as well as FM radio, DAB digital radio. This system is distributed, from a single installation, to multiple distribution points throughout one site and is most commonly used on communal developments.

Northwest Aerials Ltd has undertaken IRS system installations for a range of clientele, whether it is Management Companies, Electrical Contractors or Building Contractors on a number of commercial developments throughout the north west of England & other regions in the UK.



Northwest Aerials Ltd specializes in all aspects of communal aerial and satellite TV maintenance, on all types of commercial properties. We have a varied clientele ranging from Property Management companies, Estate Agents, Letting Agents, Electrical and Building Contractors throughout the Northwest and various other regions in the UK.

A large number of our working relationships have spanned over a many of years & we feel the service provided encompasses reliability, quality, honesty & trust. These four attributes have helped to establish a healthy working rapport for all our commercial clients to feel comfortable with our site diagnostics, reports & quotations.

Repairs and Installations 

Northwest Aerials Ltd prides itself on its efficient and quick response time. It is imperative that we aim to deliver this service to try and repair the fault or install a necessary part within the communal system to rectify. If a large portion of residents or an entire block has lost the TV facility, it can become a headache for our customers. So being part of a fast solution and providing this service is huge reason for them to continue using Northwest Aerials Ltd. We feel as a company we provide this service on a consistent basis.

System Upgrades

The industry is forever changing and always reinventing itself. There is a continual development in the viewing facilities available to consumers, residents and the public. Generally, we want the latest and best form of TV on offer. This leads to Management Companies and Commercial Developments enquiring about updating the existing equipment to the latest and most modern at the sites they manage. Over the years we have undertaken a vast amount of upgrades to existing residential communal systems and on various other commercial buildings. 

Design and Consultation 

Our clients can range from Electrical Contractors, Building Contractors, Surveyors, Property Management Companies, Government Sectors, Councils, along with individual profiles, each consisting of its own specification and requirements to suit the individual project. If any client is unsure or needs clarification regarding possible works, we will always make time to discuss, inform and provide detailed information regarding their installation requirements.


Additionally, we often detail and design the layout of a distribution system from drawings, site plans or inspections which can be in conjunction with an existing TV system or on a new development.

Reports and Quotations

Keeping our customers up to date and informed with the latest at their developments is a key aspect of our service. So when attending sites we always issue a report our findings, either from site or on our return to office. Usually, we will report our findings on a formal email report, alongside a quotation for any required installation works if necessary. However, if it is a matter of urgency and our engineers have the equipment to rectify the fault, we will contact the client from site to report our diagnostics and provide a cost to install the equipment. Again, this helps provides our customers with a fast and speedy solution.



We specialize in the supply, installation, maintenance and design of aerial and satellite systems on both domestic and commercial properties.