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Throwback Thursday.

We received an unusual phone call in late November 2013. We were asked if we had any old rusty, degraded aerials in stock and if so could we install them on a street in Salford. The person who contacted Northwest Aerials Ltd turned out to be Alan Davies, who is the Head of Production design for ITV Studios.

The street he was referring to was the new Coronation Street set, built on the Media City site on Salford Quays. Not only was this a fantastic advertising opportunity, it was a huge

to be entrusted to work on the UK’s most famous street. From then on we set about rummaging through our scrap bin, after a couple of hours we managed to breathe new life into a number of old rusty poles and aerials.

When we arrived on the set we didn’t even expect them to allow us to drive our van down the brand new set of the most famous cobbled street, but also allow us to take a number of great promo pictures for our portfolio. It was all epitomised by the praise we received from Alan Davis after our site visit.

“Many thanks by the way for your wonderful service , and impeccable work carried out.”

It was a fantastic day for the engineers who attended and a huge privilege for NorthWest Aerials Ltd to become part of Coronation Street history.


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