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Newsletter May 2022


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So why do Sky fail systems that seem to be working ok? Well there are a few factors we have to take into account. Firstly, Sky now rent out their equipment (sky box) unlike in the past when you owned your old Sky HD box as part of your subscription and it belonged to you after the contract expired. However, Sky now have to warranty the equipment for the duration of the customers subscription which could be many years.

This changed the way a Sky engineer tested the socket in an apartment. In the past an engineer would do the test on the socket and if they found any missing channels they would asses if the customer would ever watch these channels? This allowed them to complete the install and all seemed good. This policy stopped once Sky began renting out the Q equipment. This now means that Sky will not install if there are any channels missing and if they do they will fail the communal television system.

So why are they still failing a system where others in the same building are not complaining? Well there are couple of reasons. The first is the channel content that they fail it on. A lot of the channels are ones that we either simply don’t watch or we wouldn’t be bothered if they were missing! These channels are mainly shopping, religious, or International channels which we tend not to watch.

Now the technical bit.

Sky have a few satellites out in space operating their services. One of the satellites that contains these channels is not as powerful as the ones that have the premium channels on (Sports, Movies, News and entertainment) and because its on a lower power it is difficult to get to work on larger communal TV systems.

Is there a cure? Yes on 99% of the systems we can change certain parts and re-balance the equipment but on others the age and original design of the system makes it difficult for us to cure. A lot of systems are still operating using equipment from when Sky was in its infancy and the design and quality o the cable going to the apartment are poor quality so in these cases, only an expensive upgrade is the answer.


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