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Newsletter June 2022

Please see transcript of our monthly newsletter sent our to customers for June 2022.


Hope you are well.

Just to provide you with some information that may be useful regarding your sites.

We are finding increased levels of 5G interference more and more frequently on a number of developments across the Northwest.

If you are receiving reports from residents advising that their Freeview TV signals are breaking up or certain channels are affected. There is a strong possibility that the issue could relate to 5G interference.

This would have to be tested by an engineer with a sophisticated test meter (spectrum analyzer) to diagnose and confirm whether it is 5G interference causing the issues.

If found to be correct, to attempt to resolve the reported issues, a 5G filter would have to be installed into the communal system to try and help filter out the unwanted interference.

We hope the above information is helpful, please feel free to contact us or ask any questions.

Many thanks,

Northwest Aerials Limited.

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