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Newsletter July 2022

Updated: Aug 1

Please see transcript of our monthly newsletter sent our to customers for June 2022.


At the end of June 2022, the COM7 multiplex on Freeview closed. The licence for the multiplex came to an end and was not extended by Ofcom. As there is now less broadcast capacity available, a number of channels either had to close or relocate to another multiplex. The BBC services affected by the multiplex closure are BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD and BBC News HD.

What’s happening to BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD on Freeview?

These channels are temporarily unavailable but they will return soon with a substantial increase in coverage. Once reinstated, many more households will be able to enjoy access to these channels. Until then you will still be able to view BBC Four on Channel 9, or 24 in Scotland. CBeebies can be viewed on Channel 202. HD versions of the channels are still available on iPlayer.

How to watch BBC News?

From 30th June, this channel will no longer be available on channel 107. The standard definition version continues on channel 231. Alternatively, the HD version can still be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

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