1. social distancing

Although measures are now in place for engineers to return to work allowing us to access individual properties providing it is safe to do so. The seriousness of social distancing is still of extremely high importance. We will instruct all employees to adhere to the social distancing protocol and keep a safe distance from other members of the public. Furthermore, we ask all clientele, customers and residents to respect these guidelines and keep a safe social distance from our operatives for the duration of our visit.

2. Protective PPE

Our engineers will be provided with a suitable level of PPE personal protective equipment which has been made available by trade distributors for companies working within our industry. The engineers will be provided with face masks, face visors, disposable latex gloves. We will ask all operatives to wear the PPE provided on sites we attend. 

3. clear access points

We will insist that all clientele, customers and residents ensure that our engineers have a clear point of access "pathway" to the necessary position within the property. We will ask that access from the initial entry point of the property and all subsequent doors be left open. In addition, it has been advised that a window in the nominated room be left open thus allowing the air to circulate. It is not the responsibility of our operatives to move any furniture or objects inside the property that may inhibit us from providing our service. Please ensure that full access and a clear pathway are available for our operatives prior to our arrival on site.

4. cleaning areas of work

Our engineers will be instructed to clean any internal working areas on completion when attending sites and will be provided with disinfectant spray and paper towels. They will also be asked to consistently wipe their own service vehicles after each site attended. 

5. cleaning hands

Our engineers will be instructed to clean their hands on a consistent and continual basis, with hand sanitizer and or disposable hand wipes, throughout the working day and after attendance of each site.